Rahul Talks About Chennai

Hi, , My best friend Mr.Rahul is a CA student, He is doing his article ship, he looks things in different angles, let see what he says about his home city chennai

"Chennai is a nice place for livelihood.thats why day by day the population is increasing.

Chennai is the safe place to live with. that's why even Cricketer DHONI has got house in Chennai. He love Chennai more than Jharkand.

you will all kind of stuffs in chennai. Time runs like anything in chennai.

A person if stays for 6months continously in chennai then surely he wont hate chennai.

In india only chennai has got the best Public Transport System. Even a stranger can get in to the right bus as it every bus got route number. People can chill out at Marina& bessant nagar beach. Mahabalipuram near chennai is very excellent place to spend a day worth!!!

Terrorism free City!!!

Still many things have to be improved in chennai.

Industries should be separate from residential areas to avoid pollution. this can be done by setting up a big industrial estate and shifting the new factories there if not atleast the upcoming factories. not only factories even software companies also... this would ease the traffic in the city.

Another problem in chennai is that North Chennai(the business hub) is neglected by all politicans. Road problem should be addressed by the government. Road side dwellings should be removed.

Cleanliness is still lacking in chennai.....

Greener environment is needed in chennai. so more trees should be planted.

another sad part is that people who own land in village are interested in doing agriculture in village and are coming to chennai and doing jobs like drainage cleaning etc...... for cheap rates.

On the overall among all the METROPOLITEAN cities Chennai is the Best!!!

If the above negative issues are addressed chennai will be really the heaven to live in!!! "

Thanks Rahul for writing this post for me :).