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This Post is all about my most fav chennaite, its none othere than our double Oscar winner A.R.Rahman Sir. I am so happy 2 write abt him in my blog, he is my most fav music director and I am a diehard fan of him. He is such a modest and simple person who resides in heart of many music lovers. His music stands distinct from others, Though he is an international celebrity now, went around the world to many cities, he likes his home (Chennai) very much. I cant never forget the moment when I saw him couple of foot away from me surrounded by armed guards, it happened in “Chennai changing notes” concert at St George Grounds, Kilpauk. Its such a funny experience which I cant never forget in ma life, me and my friends from orkut rahman fans club were allowed to enter the ground b4 the program by the security as we all wore a rahman t-shirt :D, Then we went inside and we saw rahman sir and others practicing, then they found out tht we are commons and they asked us to get out, but some of them went and hide in the backstage. At tht time only I saw him going to his caravan surrounded by armed guards, this big story ends here. He has one of the best studios in world “AM” Studio in Chennai, He Also started a western music school “KM Conservatory” also in Chennai to improve western music also in India. His music spoke more than him, Rahman Rokz, I am proud 2 be a chennaite