My Favorite Place - Marina Beach

I have always bee a beach lover from my childhood days. If we talk about chennai the first thing tht comes to mind for most of the people is marina beach. and many of them know tht its de second largest beach in the world. it satrts from the end of napier bridge(Iron Bridge) and externds till the light house. It is mostly crowded in the week ends. Chennai marina beach has lots of tradition on its own starting from morning jog, tender coconut, beach cricket, sundal, hot chilli baji etc, Chennai marina also has a swiming pool and an aquarium. we can see many statues of great people along the side of the beach road. some of the importatnt landmarks in the marina beach are Anna Square, MGR Memorial, Ice House(Vivekananda House), Triplicane Cricket Ground, Light House etc.. I am now 19 even now i love to play building sandcastles in the beach.

But I always feel tht i would be fine if the govt and public consider the cleanliness of the beach. Our beach would be more beautifull if its really clean.. I love Chennai Marina


My Favorite Place - N4 Bridge

N4 Bridge is one of my fav places in chennai. Most of the people dono if such place exist, may be some of them from north chennai know tht place.
This bridge got this name coz a police station named N4 is in the enterance of the bridge. This bridge is very different from other bridges and flyover in the city. This Bridge is built on the sea and it externds upto half kilometre from shore in to the sea. It is actually build to protect the chennai fishing harbour from the tusami and high tide waves, It reduces the speed of waves hitting the shores. I use to visit this bridge atleast once in a week mostly on sunday or saturday morning. If u stand in the edge of this bridge we can feel a cool sea breaze and can see the ful cost of north chennai from there ie from chennai port to ennore port. Coming to this place really relax me from the whole week stress. if we come here we can see small boats fishing on the see and we can also some people fishing from the brisge by using fishing hooks. this place had converted me into a poet . it is the first place where i started writing poem to say this place made me to write poem . when ever my frinds come to my home who actually resides in other part of chennai i bring them to the bridge , when ever they come to my house again they prompt me to go there again. if u find time on week end morning pls do visit here, get a new experience. this brigde is located on de suryanarayanan road which is parallel to the TH road , it is in de middle of the way from Tondiarpet to tolgate..
The Images are Satellite map of n4 bridge, thanks to google earth.
For more pics of n4 bridge and chennai fishing harbour visit the following link
N4 Bridge and Chennai Fishing Harbour Album


My Friend's Words Abt Chennai

I am very happy to post this post . Actually Its not written by me, it was written by my friend Aishwarya Parthasarathy Who just finished writing her 10th exams, She is a NRI from soudi and she visited chennai couple of times, lets see wht she have to say about chennai.

Being one of India's leading metropolitan cities,Chennai is well-known for its cultural diversity,accomodating people from different parts of the world.Together they live as a large family, making them renowned for their talent and hospitality.Chennai is a blend of different lifestyes,where different people live together in perfect harmony.The age-old traditions and customs of the people is what makes Chennai unique from every other place in the world.Varied diversity also means different festivals.The most important festival of the tamilians is "Pongal",which lasts for about 5 days, followed by a couple of other well-known festivities, which embrace the true spirit of our country.The whole state is decorated with loads of enthusiasm and anxiety.It is famous for its temples anddifferent dance forms,"bharatanatiyam" being the most popular of them all.Being a hub for a lot of major activities, it has also attracted many people offering them good oppurtunities for employment, education,medical facilities,etc.Unfortunately,it suffers from occational shortages in water supply, traffic congestions and pollution. But still,Chennai is and will always be the Musical and the cultural capital of India.

Thnk u aish for writing this very good post fr me... :)