Chennai Shoping Experince - T.Nagar

Ranganathan Street - T.Nagar

Think Dresses the first thing tht ill come in to the mind of all chennai people is T.Nagar,
I had never seen such a rush and crowded place in chennai, Let me first describe the place,
T nagar Ranganathan street, Pondy Bazar and other street around it are filled with shops, Most of them are textile shops, We can find big shops like saravana stores, pothys, chennai silks, jayachandran, sri kumaran etc.. these shops are famous all over tamilnadu, with these there are other small shops and platform shops. The ranganathan street is very narrow, that too in festival season it ill be crowded like anything, once u enter the steet people ill automatically push u to the other end of the streets, the discount sales in these shops at the festival times and in adi month are very fammous, the shops in the T.Nagar were the real boon for the middle class people of the chennai. Then one small caution note for men, pls avoid going there with ur mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, etc.. cos they make u stand out and they select a single peace of cloths for hours. Ya i got the same experience when i went there with my mom an sis, they both went into ladies section of a famous shop and asked me 2 wait out, then they both came out after nearly 50 mins, i asked ma mom wht u got, she replied " The collection in this shop is not satisfactory to me , so lets see in another shop ", so mens be caution , just go with ur firnds, enjoy shopping there.