MTC Busses - Life Line Of Chennai

MTC Bus Deport
Most of the chennai people use the public transport systems, mainly MTC (Metropolitian Transport Corporation) Busses, We can call them as the life line of chennai. They were a boon to midle class and lower class people of chennai to move from one place to another, In chennai MTC busses were mostry prefered than trains, Through MTC Bus network we can reach any part of chennai and its suburbs. More than 51.88 lakh passengers travell in more than 3262 busses running all over chennai in 627 routes. Even i use to travell in mtc buses to my college daily, Lots of improvement were made in MTC busses in recent days, the old busses were replaced by new busses which are comforable to travell. VESTIBULE, Air Buss, AC buses were introduced in the recent past and welcomed to a great externd by public. then the digital ticket issuing device were used in express and deluxe buses which were planed to be used in all kinds of busses in near future. MTC have also introduced GPS system in busses, and digital boards were placed in some bus stops which diaplys the next bus and the aprox araival time which are tracked by using GPS. The fairs in mtc busses were very nominal which can be afford my common man, More than this MTC offers Concession rates for college students, office goers etc, the school students were issued MTC passes every year which enables them to travell in MTC busses free of cost, They also issue unlimited travell tickets in day, week, and monthly basis which are boon to employees in sales, customer support etc. MTC have lots of plans ahead like prepaid smart card ticketing etc.. then coming to the important part, most of the times public forget its a service provided for us and they spoil the bus by splitin in the bus, tearing the seats, writing or drawing in the bus etc, its the duty of us to protect our property so dont damage the MTC busses.. I am travelling in MTC busses from my school days till now atlest for more than 13 years and i find one thing common mostly every day of my travell, ie the fight in the bus made by the ladies travelling in it , time the fight seems to be entertaining some times irritating, they fight with men for seats, i feel the reservation of seats in bus should be removed and it seats should be made common like many stated in India,
Chennai MTC Busses Rocks ;)
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