Cinema Cinema ...

Watching movie is the one of the great entertaiment for the chennai people ... As chennai is de capital of Southern Indian Cinema form the early days more theatres were in chennai than any other city in southern india, but most of them are not there. When i asked ma dad about the old theatres in chennai he gave a good list and his beautiful childhood memories going to theatres, He said we can watch movie in the 1st class if we have 75p with us, He also said some of the old theatres in chennai like murugan, braitan, crown, wellington, allankar, krishna, tamilnadu, thangam, broadway which are not in existance today or under a poor maintanace. Those theatres are mostly equiped with old film projectors and mono sound systems.

Sorry for the flashbacks . Now back to the present sinario, The craze of chennai people watching movies in theatre is always high. Many new theatre came to chennai in the recent past, These theatres were great really great, they are equiped with highend technologies like digital projection, digital surround sound systems, good inetiors with acoustic materials etc.. i would like to mention QUBE digital projection technology and DTS and DOLLBY surround systems.
now comming to theatres . u can find the famous multiplexes like SATHYAM Cinemas, Abirami Theatres, INOX@City Centre, Mayajal, EGA, SANGAM Cinemas, IDreams Cinema( The new one opened in north chennai, Small Theatre but really great) and more ( sorry if i had left any of ur fav theatres in de list ). There theatres provide great service to the viewers, The ticketing for most of these theatres can be done online.. then the food and snacks in the theatres are really good ( But they r bit costly for me ).. Chennai rockz in Theatres too :)