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The Statue Of Elaphants - Valluvar Kottam

Valluvar Kottam Chariot

"Agara Mudhala Ezuthellam Adhi bhagavan Muthatrae Ulagu", this is the 1st thirukural which my teacher thought me, then due to my great love in tamil (language nt girl) i started learning thirukural. I always used to wonder how is it possible for a man to state many philosophies of life just in 2 lines, he just measured the whole world just by his 2 line. his total collections of poem is diveded into 133 parts called "athigaras" and each adigaram contains 10 poems of 2 line, exactly 7 words per poem. It is the next book to bible which has been translated to highest no of languages in world. It is the pride of tamil. The tamil community never forgets to pay tribute to such a great poet like Thiruvalluvar (Valluvar), They built a memorial in chennai called Valluvar Kottam in memory of the great tamil saint valluvar. It is a great place to be in. The memorial is built like a big cahariot and thiruvalluvar statue is placed in middle of the big chariot. The cahariot contains 133 statues carved in yhe carior, each statue replresents an athigaram, Its 133! feet high. I went there fror the first time in my school days after tht i went there with my frient to take photos for the photosynth. Its also a nice and calm place to hang out with friends, It mostly look like a park and we also have place to sit there. the another thing that attracted me a lot there is the 2 elepahnt statues standing before the Chariot. "Ulagam Uiya Orey Vazhi, Athu Kallangamillatha Kural Vazhi", Valzhga Valluvar, Vazhga Valluvam.