My Favorite Place - Marina Beach

I have always bee a beach lover from my childhood days. If we talk about chennai the first thing tht comes to mind for most of the people is marina beach. and many of them know tht its de second largest beach in the world. it satrts from the end of napier bridge(Iron Bridge) and externds till the light house. It is mostly crowded in the week ends. Chennai marina beach has lots of tradition on its own starting from morning jog, tender coconut, beach cricket, sundal, hot chilli baji etc, Chennai marina also has a swiming pool and an aquarium. we can see many statues of great people along the side of the beach road. some of the importatnt landmarks in the marina beach are Anna Square, MGR Memorial, Ice House(Vivekananda House), Triplicane Cricket Ground, Light House etc.. I am now 19 even now i love to play building sandcastles in the beach.

But I always feel tht i would be fine if the govt and public consider the cleanliness of the beach. Our beach would be more beautifull if its really clean.. I love Chennai Marina