My Friend's Words Abt Chennai

I am very happy to post this post . Actually Its not written by me, it was written by my friend Aishwarya Parthasarathy Who just finished writing her 10th exams, She is a NRI from soudi and she visited chennai couple of times, lets see wht she have to say about chennai.

Being one of India's leading metropolitan cities,Chennai is well-known for its cultural diversity,accomodating people from different parts of the world.Together they live as a large family, making them renowned for their talent and hospitality.Chennai is a blend of different lifestyes,where different people live together in perfect harmony.The age-old traditions and customs of the people is what makes Chennai unique from every other place in the world.Varied diversity also means different festivals.The most important festival of the tamilians is "Pongal",which lasts for about 5 days, followed by a couple of other well-known festivities, which embrace the true spirit of our country.The whole state is decorated with loads of enthusiasm and anxiety.It is famous for its temples anddifferent dance forms,"bharatanatiyam" being the most popular of them all.Being a hub for a lot of major activities, it has also attracted many people offering them good oppurtunities for employment, education,medical facilities,etc.Unfortunately,it suffers from occational shortages in water supply, traffic congestions and pollution. But still,Chennai is and will always be the Musical and the cultural capital of India.

Thnk u aish for writing this very good post fr me... :)