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If we look at the secondary transport in chennai the things that strike our mind are Auto Rikshaw and Share Auto.

First comming to Auto Rikshaw, Most of the people in chennai call it plainly AUTO. This vehicle runs on petrol and can carry upto 3 persons leagally, And legally the fare should be colected only based on the Meter fixed in the auto. But mostly no auto drivers follow these rules. Autos are used by many peoples in chennai, Autos also provide comfortable ride. In chennai central there is a counter for prepaid auto where people who r new 2 chennai or the people doesnt know 2 bargain auto fares can pay money for ur destination before u travel.

An another medium of transport became too popular in chennai in recent past, Ya its nothing but SHARE AUTO. Share auto mostly look like Auto Rikshaw, But its much big in size than auto, and mostly runs on disel. Its mostly used my middle class of chennai. Legally only 4 peoples are allowed to travell in a share auto, but mostly 6- 8 people were made to travell at a time in share autos, In Share Autos the fares are fixed and low compared to Autos. But we can never expect comfortnes in share autos. There are many complaints about share auto drievers as they mostly stop their vehicle with out using indicators which causes accident some times. Even i got accident cos of share auto when i was travelling with ma dad.

So dont worry if u dont get bus or train 2 ur situation in chennai, Autos And Share Autos are always there for ur service