LIC Building

LIC Building - Still satnding high in heart of chennai people

I still remember the day when i saw de LIC building for the first time while travelling through the mount road, Anna Salai, Then i used to look at it when ever i go in that way. Then i asked my dad about that building, Then he said its LIC Building, The tallest building in chennai. Then i came to know its one of the important landmark in chennai. Now lets see some interesting info about the LIC building which i have collected from net. But i it doesnt look like a building which is built on 1959. great work.

Its built on 55 ground of plot, this 177 feet tall building till date remains the popular symbol of modern architecture in Chennai. This 14 storied building has 1,26,000 sq.ft of floor area and stands on 521 pneumatic caisson piles that run to a depth of 35 feet. Built at the cost of 87 lakhs in 1959,
M Ct.M.Chidambaram Chettair conceived this building in 1952 as the head office of United India Life Assurance and New Guardian Life Insurance. H.J.Brown and L.C.Moulin, the London based architects, drew the designs. The construction commenced in 1953. The London architects withdrew in 1957 and the rest of the construction was overseen by Chennai based architect L.M.Chitale. The completed office building was to become the office of LIC and not that of the United India Life Insurance because the insurance service was nationalised by 1956 and all the assets were made over to LIC

This important landmark of Chennai that consumed 1000-ton steel and 3000-ton cement and was inaugurated on August 23 1959