Auto - Share Auto

Auto Rikshaw

Share Autos

If we look at the secondary transport in chennai the things that strike our mind are Auto Rikshaw and Share Auto.

First comming to Auto Rikshaw, Most of the people in chennai call it plainly AUTO. This vehicle runs on petrol and can carry upto 3 persons leagally, And legally the fare should be colected only based on the Meter fixed in the auto. But mostly no auto drivers follow these rules. Autos are used by many peoples in chennai, Autos also provide comfortable ride. In chennai central there is a counter for prepaid auto where people who r new 2 chennai or the people doesnt know 2 bargain auto fares can pay money for ur destination before u travel.

An another medium of transport became too popular in chennai in recent past, Ya its nothing but SHARE AUTO. Share auto mostly look like Auto Rikshaw, But its much big in size than auto, and mostly runs on disel. Its mostly used my middle class of chennai. Legally only 4 peoples are allowed to travell in a share auto, but mostly 6- 8 people were made to travell at a time in share autos, In Share Autos the fares are fixed and low compared to Autos. But we can never expect comfortnes in share autos. There are many complaints about share auto drievers as they mostly stop their vehicle with out using indicators which causes accident some times. Even i got accident cos of share auto when i was travelling with ma dad.

So dont worry if u dont get bus or train 2 ur situation in chennai, Autos And Share Autos are always there for ur service


LIC Building

LIC Building - Still satnding high in heart of chennai people

I still remember the day when i saw de LIC building for the first time while travelling through the mount road, Anna Salai, Then i used to look at it when ever i go in that way. Then i asked my dad about that building, Then he said its LIC Building, The tallest building in chennai. Then i came to know its one of the important landmark in chennai. Now lets see some interesting info about the LIC building which i have collected from net. But i it doesnt look like a building which is built on 1959. great work.

Its built on 55 ground of plot, this 177 feet tall building till date remains the popular symbol of modern architecture in Chennai. This 14 storied building has 1,26,000 sq.ft of floor area and stands on 521 pneumatic caisson piles that run to a depth of 35 feet. Built at the cost of 87 lakhs in 1959,
M Ct.M.Chidambaram Chettair conceived this building in 1952 as the head office of United India Life Assurance and New Guardian Life Insurance. H.J.Brown and L.C.Moulin, the London based architects, drew the designs. The construction commenced in 1953. The London architects withdrew in 1957 and the rest of the construction was overseen by Chennai based architect L.M.Chitale. The completed office building was to become the office of LIC and not that of the United India Life Insurance because the insurance service was nationalised by 1956 and all the assets were made over to LIC

This important landmark of Chennai that consumed 1000-ton steel and 3000-ton cement and was inaugurated on August 23 1959


Chennai Metro Water And Sewerage Board

There is a reason behind writing this blog post, I ill say about this later in this post.

We all know how much the water is essential for us, and disposing the sewerage safely from our house, The governing body which is sole responsible for the above is the great " Chennai Metro Water And Sewage Board ", Their duty is to provide safe drinking water, safe diaposal of waste water from the residents and indistrial area and collecting water and sewage tax. They have totaly 36 water distribution plants, 100+ sewerage distribution plants, 13 filling points to supply water thtough lories, 13 sewerage treatment plants and maintain them to serve the people of chennai, Its Head Offile Is located in Chindartipet, It has around 10 Area offices and 155 Depot offices. They have also planned to implement many new plans to provide more efficient service to the people of chennai. They played very important role in implementing "Rain Water Harvesting" strictly in chennai which reduced water scarcity and increased ground water level in chennai. They also made easy ways to citizens to pay their water taxes, any consumer can pay tax at any deport office, he can also pay through internet. Now let me say de reason behind this blog post, My great DAD Mr.N.Ravi works in metrowater ans deport manager, tahnks dad for providing me whith all these info.

Their Official Site is
they provide many online services such as

online tax payment and tax enquiry

online complaining contact details for every office
online form to request for new connections etc..


All About Chennai

I Havent Mentioned anything about the history, statistics, And Some Specialities in chennai in my previous posts, I really think its too long to write as a blog post. So pls click the following link to know about the above mentioned things .. The article in that link is really good, and it gives u a lot of info about chennai, CHENNAI ROCKZZZ

Then Also Know About The Brief History Of Our Great Chennai, Very Intersting to Read.

A great thanks to wikipedia, and the person who wrote those article in it .. :-)


Chennai Cops

Chennai Traffic Police Stops Vehicle In Style

Police Patrol Bike

Police Patrol Car ( Hundai Acent )

Safety is very important for the people to live in a city, I see chennai is a safe place 2 live cos it has a very low crime rate comparing to other cities in india. This situation is possible due to the intense measure taken by the chennai city pollice. They are the people who work hard day an night to provide us safety, to reduce crime rates in our city.

Chennai Trafic Police depatment play a great role in maintaining the traffic flow and road safety in our city, We can see them working really hard under the sun, day and nigt, to contol the traffic and check the road safety. But i think the Chennai Traffic Police are not strict on the rules like " Wear helmet While Driving", " Dont Drink And Drive " etc, and the main problem with the trafic police is " They Get More Bribe " and they are not strict in their rules. I myself had seen many traffic constables and inspectors getting bribe and negotiating with the public for bribe. Other than that traffic police had installed CCTV cams in many signals, Installed improved and good signals etc.

I think the chennai police is the only polic in india to patrol with " Hundai Ancent " Car, The police head quartres for whole tamilnadu is in chennai ..

A great Salute for these great peoples who protect the chennai ..

Chennai Police Doesnt Have a seperate site, But info about chennai police can be found at
But Chennai Traffic Poice have their own site.

Chennai City Police And Chennai Traffic Police Rocks


Old Classic Chennai

Now we all know how chennai is, Filled with buildings and resident areas etc.. Now lets see how chennai was. I searched and collected some " Old Classic Chennai Pics " Have A Look At Them. Please Click On The Images Below To Go To the picasa image album " Old Classic Chennai "

Old Classic Chennai


Old Is Gold, Moore Market

Aquarium Shop In Lilly Pond Complex

Book Shops in Lilly Pond Complex

Do u like collecting antiques, are u in need of a spare part for ur old radio, are u a student who need to buy old or new books for ur studies, are u a pet lover who like 2 grow pets. Your only best destination would be MOORE MARKET & LILLY POND COMPLEX near chennai central railway station. I think its the only place in chennai where all the old things have value for it, I think there would be no college student in chennai with out knowing about moore market lilly pond complex. We can get books here in discounted price, bargain books price, sell the old books for a good rate. There are some shops in and out of that complex where u can buy pirates best selling booksand best selling novels. In that complex there are some antique shops where u can get some nice antiques. Then u can also find some pet shops which sells colour fishes. birds and other petts. After seeing that place only i came to know that old things have values. Chennai More Market Rocks.


Chennai Corporation

Rippon Building

The CHENNAI metropolitian city is completely under the governance of the CHENNAI CORPORATION. Chennai Corporation takes many good steps to improve our city, They mainly focus on the cleanlines and hygene in the city. The head office of the Chennai Corporation is located in Rippon Building near chennai central, Its also one of the famous landmarks in the city. The Chennai Corporation also have its own website, its


Rahul Talks About Chennai

Hi, , My best friend Mr.Rahul is a CA student, He is doing his article ship, he looks things in different angles, let see what he says about his home city chennai

"Chennai is a nice place for livelihood.thats why day by day the population is increasing.

Chennai is the safe place to live with. that's why even Cricketer DHONI has got house in Chennai. He love Chennai more than Jharkand.

you will all kind of stuffs in chennai. Time runs like anything in chennai.

A person if stays for 6months continously in chennai then surely he wont hate chennai.

In india only chennai has got the best Public Transport System. Even a stranger can get in to the right bus as it every bus got route number. People can chill out at Marina& bessant nagar beach. Mahabalipuram near chennai is very excellent place to spend a day worth!!!

Terrorism free City!!!

Still many things have to be improved in chennai.

Industries should be separate from residential areas to avoid pollution. this can be done by setting up a big industrial estate and shifting the new factories there if not atleast the upcoming factories. not only factories even software companies also... this would ease the traffic in the city.

Another problem in chennai is that North Chennai(the business hub) is neglected by all politicans. Road problem should be addressed by the government. Road side dwellings should be removed.

Cleanliness is still lacking in chennai.....

Greener environment is needed in chennai. so more trees should be planted.

another sad part is that people who own land in village are interested in doing agriculture in village and are coming to chennai and doing jobs like drainage cleaning etc...... for cheap rates.

On the overall among all the METROPOLITEAN cities Chennai is the Best!!!

If the above negative issues are addressed chennai will be really the heaven to live in!!! "

Thanks Rahul for writing this post for me :).


Cinema Cinema ...

Watching movie is the one of the great entertaiment for the chennai people ... As chennai is de capital of Southern Indian Cinema form the early days more theatres were in chennai than any other city in southern india, but most of them are not there. When i asked ma dad about the old theatres in chennai he gave a good list and his beautiful childhood memories going to theatres, He said we can watch movie in the 1st class if we have 75p with us, He also said some of the old theatres in chennai like murugan, braitan, crown, wellington, allankar, krishna, tamilnadu, thangam, broadway which are not in existance today or under a poor maintanace. Those theatres are mostly equiped with old film projectors and mono sound systems.

Sorry for the flashbacks . Now back to the present sinario, The craze of chennai people watching movies in theatre is always high. Many new theatre came to chennai in the recent past, These theatres were great really great, they are equiped with highend technologies like digital projection, digital surround sound systems, good inetiors with acoustic materials etc.. i would like to mention QUBE digital projection technology and DTS and DOLLBY surround systems.
now comming to theatres . u can find the famous multiplexes like SATHYAM Cinemas, Abirami Theatres, INOX@City Centre, Mayajal, EGA, SANGAM Cinemas, IDreams Cinema( The new one opened in north chennai, Small Theatre but really great) and more ( sorry if i had left any of ur fav theatres in de list ). There theatres provide great service to the viewers, The ticketing for most of these theatres can be done online.. then the food and snacks in the theatres are really good ( But they r bit costly for me ).. Chennai rockz in Theatres too :)


Valluvar-Valluvam-Valluvar Kottam


The Statue Of Elaphants - Valluvar Kottam

Valluvar Kottam Chariot

"Agara Mudhala Ezuthellam Adhi bhagavan Muthatrae Ulagu", this is the 1st thirukural which my teacher thought me, then due to my great love in tamil (language nt girl) i started learning thirukural. I always used to wonder how is it possible for a man to state many philosophies of life just in 2 lines, he just measured the whole world just by his 2 line. his total collections of poem is diveded into 133 parts called "athigaras" and each adigaram contains 10 poems of 2 line, exactly 7 words per poem. It is the next book to bible which has been translated to highest no of languages in world. It is the pride of tamil. The tamil community never forgets to pay tribute to such a great poet like Thiruvalluvar (Valluvar), They built a memorial in chennai called Valluvar Kottam in memory of the great tamil saint valluvar. It is a great place to be in. The memorial is built like a big cahariot and thiruvalluvar statue is placed in middle of the big chariot. The cahariot contains 133 statues carved in yhe carior, each statue replresents an athigaram, Its 133! feet high. I went there fror the first time in my school days after tht i went there with my frient to take photos for the photosynth. Its also a nice and calm place to hang out with friends, It mostly look like a park and we also have place to sit there. the another thing that attracted me a lot there is the 2 elepahnt statues standing before the Chariot. "Ulagam Uiya Orey Vazhi, Athu Kallangamillatha Kural Vazhi", Valzhga Valluvar, Vazhga Valluvam.


Chikku Bukku - Chennai Suburban Train

Beach-Thambaram Train

MRTS Train

Chennai Suburban Train Route Map
The MTC busses are the life line of chennai, but there is an alternative life line, secondary public transport of chennai people. Ya i am talking abouot the suburban train facility provided by the Southern Railway In chennai,There are 4 important routes

Chennai Beach - Tambaram and Chengalpet :
Stations: Chennai Beach - Fort - Park Town - Chennai Egmore - Chetput - Nungambakkam - Kodambakkam - Mambalam - Saidapet - Guindy - St. Thomas Mount - Pazhavanthangal - Meenambakkam - Trisulam - Pallavaram - Chromepet - Tambaram Sanatorium - Tambaram - ... - Chengalpattu

Central - Avadi - Tiruvallur - Arakkonam - Thiruttani :
Stations: Chennai Central - Basin Bridge - Vyasarpadi - Perambur - Perambur Carriage Works - Perambur Loco Works - Villivakkam - Korattur - Pattaravakkam - Ambattur - Thirumullaivoyal - Annanur - Avadi - Hindu College - Pattabiram -Tiruninravur - Veppampattu - Sevvapet Road - Putlur - Tiruvallur - Egattur - Kadambattur-... - Arakkonam - Thiruttani.
Central - Ennore - Gummidipoondi
Stations: Chennai Central - Basin Bridge - Korukkupet - Tondiarpet - Tondiarpet Yard - Tiruvottiyur - Wimco Nagar - Kathivakkam - Ennore - ... - Gummidipoondi - ... - Sullurpeta

MRTS : Chennai Beach - Thiruvanmiyur :
Stations: Beach - Fort - Park Town - Chintadripet - Chepauk - Thiruvallikeni - Lighthouse - Thirumylai - Mandaveli - Greenways Road - Kotturpuram - Kasturba Nagar - Indira Nagar - Tiruvanmiyur - Tidel Park - Taramani - Velacheri

All the train running in these routes are all broad gauge, Its really a good experience 2 travell in chennai trains, i like to travell in beach thambaram trains, though there are train for every 10 mins the trains are crowded fully in the peak hours. To avoid the crowd in the peak hours the railways had introduced automated ticket wending machines which uses a prepaid smartcard 2 lend the tickets but i dono why most of them dont use it, The rail way stations are better than before, they are maintained well nowadays, Train travelling in chennai is a great experience, Mainly Travelling in MRTS trains, they are also called as flying trains ( Parkkum Raiyil ) . chennai rocks :)


MTC Busses - Life Line Of Chennai

MTC Bus Deport
Most of the chennai people use the public transport systems, mainly MTC (Metropolitian Transport Corporation) Busses, We can call them as the life line of chennai. They were a boon to midle class and lower class people of chennai to move from one place to another, In chennai MTC busses were mostry prefered than trains, Through MTC Bus network we can reach any part of chennai and its suburbs. More than 51.88 lakh passengers travell in more than 3262 busses running all over chennai in 627 routes. Even i use to travell in mtc buses to my college daily, Lots of improvement were made in MTC busses in recent days, the old busses were replaced by new busses which are comforable to travell. VESTIBULE, Air Buss, AC buses were introduced in the recent past and welcomed to a great externd by public. then the digital ticket issuing device were used in express and deluxe buses which were planed to be used in all kinds of busses in near future. MTC have also introduced GPS system in busses, and digital boards were placed in some bus stops which diaplys the next bus and the aprox araival time which are tracked by using GPS. The fairs in mtc busses were very nominal which can be afford my common man, More than this MTC offers Concession rates for college students, office goers etc, the school students were issued MTC passes every year which enables them to travell in MTC busses free of cost, They also issue unlimited travell tickets in day, week, and monthly basis which are boon to employees in sales, customer support etc. MTC have lots of plans ahead like prepaid smart card ticketing etc.. then coming to the important part, most of the times public forget its a service provided for us and they spoil the bus by splitin in the bus, tearing the seats, writing or drawing in the bus etc, its the duty of us to protect our property so dont damage the MTC busses.. I am travelling in MTC busses from my school days till now atlest for more than 13 years and i find one thing common mostly every day of my travell, ie the fight in the bus made by the ladies travelling in it , time the fight seems to be entertaining some times irritating, they fight with men for seats, i feel the reservation of seats in bus should be removed and it seats should be made common like many stated in India,
Chennai MTC Busses Rocks ;)
Pls Visit :
to know more about MTC bus routes, services, timings, fares etc


Chennai Shoping Experince - T.Nagar

Ranganathan Street - T.Nagar

Think Dresses the first thing tht ill come in to the mind of all chennai people is T.Nagar,
I had never seen such a rush and crowded place in chennai, Let me first describe the place,
T nagar Ranganathan street, Pondy Bazar and other street around it are filled with shops, Most of them are textile shops, We can find big shops like saravana stores, pothys, chennai silks, jayachandran, sri kumaran etc.. these shops are famous all over tamilnadu, with these there are other small shops and platform shops. The ranganathan street is very narrow, that too in festival season it ill be crowded like anything, once u enter the steet people ill automatically push u to the other end of the streets, the discount sales in these shops at the festival times and in adi month are very fammous, the shops in the T.Nagar were the real boon for the middle class people of the chennai. Then one small caution note for men, pls avoid going there with ur mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, etc.. cos they make u stand out and they select a single peace of cloths for hours. Ya i got the same experience when i went there with my mom an sis, they both went into ladies section of a famous shop and asked me 2 wait out, then they both came out after nearly 50 mins, i asked ma mom wht u got, she replied " The collection in this shop is not satisfactory to me , so lets see in another shop ", so mens be caution , just go with ur firnds, enjoy shopping there.


Chennai Food - Yummy

Chennai Famous Filter Coffee

Pani Poori My Fav North Indian Chat

Traditional Chennai South Indian Food

Chennai is a mixture of both modern and tradition, in the same way Chennai foods is a mixture of both tradition and modern foods, Chennai have a very diverse foods we can find here local south Indian menus to Chinese thai and other international food items, I am a food lover I ate foods from roadside shops (kaienthi bhavan) to star hotels in Chennai and mostly they taste very good, so let me start with south Indian menu of Chennai. Whenever u go to an ordinary hotel in Chennai and ask the waiter “What U have to eat”, he starts like this “Idly, dosa, masla dosa, oothappam , rava dosa, puri, pongal , barotta, sambar satham, thayir satham, briji, meals, coffee, tea” and ends in his own style, very famous Chennai cuisine are idly sambar, dosa varities, poori, pongal, rice they are the common food of chenna people. Being in Chennai how can I forget hot Chennai filter coffee, there are many many coffee lovers in Chennai like me “ Every Thing Can Happen Over A Cup Of Coffee”, When We come to chat food department we can see the hands of north Indian chat items raised high, most of the Chennai youths like north Indian chats, we can see many new chat food shops being started in de corners of the street, my fav chat item is pani poori , phavbaji, samosa channa, papdi chat etc. I know my friends will kill me if I am not writing about Fast Food hotels, some time we used to hang out in a fast food in our area, Most of the fast foods serve hot Chinese items like fried rice, noodles, soups, etc... Then here comes the famous Chennai beach menus, when I hear de word beach food the first thing which to my mind is Sundal, then chilli (Molaga) baji, roasted corn etc… Some of the famous hotels in Chennai are saravan bhavan, hot chips for veg foods and anjappar chettinadu restaurant for non-veg. some of the famous 5 star hotels are in Chennai like Le royal Meridian, Taj Connemara, Adayar gate etc.. totallu Chennai food rocks


Chenni Super Kings ******

When we talking about Chennai how we can leave our home team Chennai Super Kings, Wov only some days left for Indian Premiere League, Chennai Super Kings is one of the team in IPL (Indian Premiere League), It’s the home team of Chennai and its my most fav IPL team. The captain of the team is M.S.Dhoni the captain of the Indian cricket team, last time CSK went for finals but un fortunately lost the game to rajasthan royals by a run. I hope tht CSK win the finals of the IPL this season.. Jai Ho Super Kings.


Place I Love - Spencer Plaza

Most of the people in chennai call it Spencers, it is one of the famous hang out for Chennai youth. Spencer’s is one of my fav hang out for me, I used to go there and enjoy with ma friends a lot, I used to go and do shopping there, in shopping also I do only window shopping cos I like Microsoft lol :D, my fav window shopping shops are music world, landmark, srilankan art centre etc.. the food court in spencers is good, I love to eat ice creams in boomerang there, personally I cant forget spencers in my life cos lots of interesting thing happened form me there, one of such thing is I meet my long time phone friend for the 1st time there. Then I cant forget the time when I went there with ma friends ravi and imran, imran made lotz of fun on tht day commenting every one there (mostly girls).. I feel landmark and music world are the best shops in spencers, u can get wide variety of things in landmark, variety of music and movie cd, dvd and castles in music world, whenever I think of some of the very interesting moments in my life spencers automatically comes to my mind, I love Spencer Plaza


Mozart Of Madras

Chennai Changing Notes

KM Conservatory

AM Studios

Mozart Of Madras A.R.Rahman

This Post is all about my most fav chennaite, its none othere than our double Oscar winner A.R.Rahman Sir. I am so happy 2 write abt him in my blog, he is my most fav music director and I am a diehard fan of him. He is such a modest and simple person who resides in heart of many music lovers. His music stands distinct from others, Though he is an international celebrity now, went around the world to many cities, he likes his home (Chennai) very much. I cant never forget the moment when I saw him couple of foot away from me surrounded by armed guards, it happened in “Chennai changing notes” concert at St George Grounds, Kilpauk. Its such a funny experience which I cant never forget in ma life, me and my friends from orkut rahman fans club were allowed to enter the ground b4 the program by the security as we all wore a rahman t-shirt :D, Then we went inside and we saw rahman sir and others practicing, then they found out tht we are commons and they asked us to get out, but some of them went and hide in the backstage. At tht time only I saw him going to his caravan surrounded by armed guards, this big story ends here. He has one of the best studios in world “AM” Studio in Chennai, He Also started a western music school “KM Conservatory” also in Chennai to improve western music also in India. His music spoke more than him, Rahman Rokz, I am proud 2 be a chennaite


My Favorite Place - Besant Nagar Beach

Besant Nagar Beach

Brokken Bridge

Pesant Nagar is one of my fav beach in Chennai, I still remember the 1st time I went there, I went after ma aieee class in de eve, its seems 2 be very small compared to marina but I felt its cleaner than marina, I still remember the days I used to cycle from my house which is in thiruvottiyur to pesant nagar beach, I love to eat roasted corn in tht beach, I can never forget the times I went there with my friend anshu whose house is in pesant nagar, with ma friend KA and gowri, ka house is also in pesant nagar and with easwar and his family. we can see small kids skating in de Sunday morning and I used to cycle with them an there is also a small public gym . near de beach there is 1 place called as broken bridge, I really dono who broke tht beautiful bridge though its broken it’s also a great place 2 relax, from there we can see adayar river and tall buildings and apartments on the bank of adayar river.


My Favorite Place - Marina Beach

I have always bee a beach lover from my childhood days. If we talk about chennai the first thing tht comes to mind for most of the people is marina beach. and many of them know tht its de second largest beach in the world. it satrts from the end of napier bridge(Iron Bridge) and externds till the light house. It is mostly crowded in the week ends. Chennai marina beach has lots of tradition on its own starting from morning jog, tender coconut, beach cricket, sundal, hot chilli baji etc, Chennai marina also has a swiming pool and an aquarium. we can see many statues of great people along the side of the beach road. some of the importatnt landmarks in the marina beach are Anna Square, MGR Memorial, Ice House(Vivekananda House), Triplicane Cricket Ground, Light House etc.. I am now 19 even now i love to play building sandcastles in the beach.

But I always feel tht i would be fine if the govt and public consider the cleanliness of the beach. Our beach would be more beautifull if its really clean.. I love Chennai Marina


My Favorite Place - N4 Bridge

N4 Bridge is one of my fav places in chennai. Most of the people dono if such place exist, may be some of them from north chennai know tht place.
This bridge got this name coz a police station named N4 is in the enterance of the bridge. This bridge is very different from other bridges and flyover in the city. This Bridge is built on the sea and it externds upto half kilometre from shore in to the sea. It is actually build to protect the chennai fishing harbour from the tusami and high tide waves, It reduces the speed of waves hitting the shores. I use to visit this bridge atleast once in a week mostly on sunday or saturday morning. If u stand in the edge of this bridge we can feel a cool sea breaze and can see the ful cost of north chennai from there ie from chennai port to ennore port. Coming to this place really relax me from the whole week stress. if we come here we can see small boats fishing on the see and we can also some people fishing from the brisge by using fishing hooks. this place had converted me into a poet . it is the first place where i started writing poem to say this place made me to write poem . when ever my frinds come to my home who actually resides in other part of chennai i bring them to the bridge , when ever they come to my house again they prompt me to go there again. if u find time on week end morning pls do visit here, get a new experience. this brigde is located on de suryanarayanan road which is parallel to the TH road , it is in de middle of the way from Tondiarpet to tolgate..
The Images are Satellite map of n4 bridge, thanks to google earth.
For more pics of n4 bridge and chennai fishing harbour visit the following link
N4 Bridge and Chennai Fishing Harbour Album


My Friend's Words Abt Chennai

I am very happy to post this post . Actually Its not written by me, it was written by my friend Aishwarya Parthasarathy Who just finished writing her 10th exams, She is a NRI from soudi and she visited chennai couple of times, lets see wht she have to say about chennai.

Being one of India's leading metropolitan cities,Chennai is well-known for its cultural diversity,accomodating people from different parts of the world.Together they live as a large family, making them renowned for their talent and hospitality.Chennai is a blend of different lifestyes,where different people live together in perfect harmony.The age-old traditions and customs of the people is what makes Chennai unique from every other place in the world.Varied diversity also means different festivals.The most important festival of the tamilians is "Pongal",which lasts for about 5 days, followed by a couple of other well-known festivities, which embrace the true spirit of our country.The whole state is decorated with loads of enthusiasm and anxiety.It is famous for its temples anddifferent dance forms,"bharatanatiyam" being the most popular of them all.Being a hub for a lot of major activities, it has also attracted many people offering them good oppurtunities for employment, education,medical facilities,etc.Unfortunately,it suffers from occational shortages in water supply, traffic congestions and pollution. But still,Chennai is and will always be the Musical and the cultural capital of India.

Thnk u aish for writing this very good post fr me... :)


Chenai My heaven On Earth

Hi Friends..

"Sorgamae Sendralum Athu Namura Pola Varuma". Fot those who dono tamil here is the translation " Even If We Go To Heaven Its Not Equal To Being In Our City". I Born in Pondicheri because its my moms place, i came to chennai when i was 1month old. I am always proud to say chennai is my home town(CITY) an i love chennai a lot. In this blog i am going to talk about my chennai life, why i like(Love) Chennai an My fav places and things in chennai..

Chennai Rocks